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1、Table of ContentsCore Concepts of AI in MarketingConducting Market Research with Artificial IntelligenceAI in Predictive Marketing Analytics and PersonalizationDynamic Pricing&Demand ForecastingAI in Content CreationLanguage Optimization for Email MarketingFuture of AI in Marketing1Industry leaders

2、around the world are using artificial intelligence to enhancetheir business with marketing technology.Whether its analyzing consumerinterests and data,guiding sales decisions and social media campaigns or otherapplications,artificial intelligence is changing the way we understand marketingin many in

3、dustries.Lets talk about the latest ways that businesses can utilizethese powerful tools to achieve their marketing goals.Core Concepts of AI in MarketingTechnology changes every day.A lot can change over several years,especially intrending artificial intelligence technologies.The same goes for AI i

4、n marketingapplications.Understanding the basic ideas behind applications of AI inmarketing solutions can generate unique ideas that can break new ground invarious industries.AI can help automate projects to make businesses more efficient.According toAccenture,productivity of businesses can be impro

5、ved by 40%when utilizing AI.This not only can save time and money but can enable your company to focustheir efforts on providing quality experiences for customers rather thanspending too much time moving things from one spreadsheet to another.AI can also help minimize errors in marketing processes.A

6、rtificial intelligencecan complete specialized tasks with greater efficiency than humans can so longas supervision and guidance is involved.Often in cases where AI fails to providethe right results,human error was involved in setting up the AI program withappropriate data or it was used in a way tha

7、t was not intended.Because AI can dramatically speed up the process of marketing campaigns,reduce costs,and improve efficiency,artificial intelligence is much more likely toresult in an increased return on investment(ROI).If you have a unique idea for how AI can help your businesss marketing strateg

8、y,we encourage you to contact our AI consulting team to start a conversation.2Conducting Market Research with ArtificialIntelligenceArtificial intelligence is a strong tool when used alongside high quality data.Many companies have had positive results in the real world when combiningtheir market res

9、earch data with artificial intelligence.This enables them to do allsorts of things.A big part of this trending use case is target group segmentation.AI is far quicker and more efficient at performing this task than humans are.By investigating their target audiences more deeply,businesses can make mo

10、repersonalized offers to them that they are more likely to accept.When we examine how this looks up close,we can get a better understanding ofhow it works.A nationwide department store can take a look at the data theyvecollected on their customers and narrow down their search to those interestedin f

11、ood.Using artificial intelligence,we can identify customers that have a strongpreference for organic foods.By quickly using AI to analyze the habits andpreferences of these consumers,campaigns can be tailored toward them withgreater efficiency to improve sales.AI in Predictive Marketing Analytics an

12、dPersonalizationTarget group segmentation is one of the keystone elements of personalizing amarketing campaign,but there are many other ways that artificial intelligencecan help businesses personalize experiences for their audiences and customers.According to Salesforce,76%of customers want business

13、es to have a clearunderstanding of their personal expectations.One way that businesses do this with AI is to use predictive marketing analytics.By having AI analyze data of past events,it can reasonably and accurately inferhow performance will look in the future based on a variety of factors.More3im

14、portantly,analyzing what users like most can be useful when looking tosuggest products to them.For example,Amazon is the champion of this strategy.When browsing on theirsite,Amazons artificial intelligence knows about what you have bought in thepast.Based on this,it can suggest products to you in yo

15、ur feed.It also knowswhat other users like you are interested in,meaning that they can providesuggestions based on that activity.This results in very personalized suggestionsthat can lead to higher conversions.Spotify also takes advantage of this to make more effective music suggestions toyou.It als

16、o uses this data to invest in artists to create new music that will begenerally liked by a wider audience on a broader scale.However,most personalization methods with AI tend to start from the top downand personalize to the individual instead of an entire group.The more that thesystem can understand

17、 the individual user,the more likely that conversions canbe made.Every user has variations that differentiate them from the largergroup,so no group marketing campaign will ever be as effective as a campaignthat targets specific individuals and their own interests.The ability to use artificial intell

18、igence to predict the success of marketingcampaigns and to better personalize experiences for users is a powerfultechnological trend that will continue for years to come.Adaptation to includethis tool in your arsenal is critical for relevancy at scale.MobiDev AI engineers developed a recommendation

19、system that offers relevantaccompanying goods that customers tend to buy together with any selectedproduct.Read more in the case study.Dynamic Pricing&Demand ForecastingOne of the most difficult challenges of the onset of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemicwas a surge in sales of various products by stockpil

20、ers.Shortages of toilet paperbecame a notorious meme on the Internet as stores struggled to maintain stock4in the face of the buying panic.Eventually stock would be controlled by buyinglimitations.However,there was an important lesson to be learned here:demandforecasting and dynamic pricing could ha

21、ve prevented a great deal of thisstruggle.Earlier we established that artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for analyzingpast data in order to predict future activity.The same principle can be appliedhere.Its possible that AI can be used to analyze consumer interests,worldevents,and other sourc

22、es to determine if there will be a rise in demand forcertain products.Using the pandemic as an example,BlueDot is a program that already cananalyze the likelihood of a disease spreading across the world.If worldwide ornationwide emergencies can be predicted in this manner,stores canautomatically beg

23、in ordering more products like toilet paper,medicine,andmore.Not only can this help maintain stock and improve sales for stores,but itcan also help the public better manage the disaster and lead to a swifterrecovery.This can also be used to dynamically and automatically raise prices.This can beused

24、to better control stock during times of high demand and panic buying,5naturally dissuading customers from bulk buying beyond reasonable amounts,as well as optimizing revenue for your business.Dynamic pricing and demand forecasting for every business is unique.From thetypes of items that you carry to

25、 the types of consumers that you are serving,acustom solution made by your team or by an external vendor may be the bestoptions for creating a system that can accomplish your goals.Read more about machine learning approach to sales forecasting systemdevelopment.AI in Content CreationProviding unique

26、 and engaging content can be challenging.While AI canautomatically generate content,it often can be more trouble than its worth.Although this technology is improving and can be very effective in somecontexts,a more widely accessible and reliable possibility is for AI to offerintelligent suggestions

27、to human writers.AI-guided suggestions for writers formsthe basis of features in applications like Grammarly,Microsoft Editor,GoogleDocs,Microsoft Word,Yoast,SEMRush,and more.Adobe Premiere Pro uses AI for a variety of purposes,such as automaticallymatching colors and managing sound mixing against v

28、oiceovers.Whats greatabout content creation is that humans can create unique and interestingcontent that AI cannot,but AI can help us augment our talents to improve thequality of the final product.AI can also help us with image generation and manipulation tasks:Creating copyright-free images of non-

29、existent people,animals,andobjectsTurning photos into sketches and painting of various styles6Inpainting and restoring removed parts of imagesUpscaling imagesFace frontal view and new human poses generationThese people do not exist,the faces are generated by AI.All this can be done with the help of

30、generative adversarial networks(GANs)thatlearn the structure of the complex real-world data examples and generatesimilar synthetic examples.Read more about the GAN technology and its business use cases.Does it mean that robots can replace designers?Absolutely not.The power of AIin design is mostly a

31、bout optimization and speed.Designers armed with AI toolscan work faster and more effectively.Language Optimization for Email MarketingOne particular avenue of AI in content creation comes from its role in marketingcampaigns via email.eBay is a particularly good example of AI email marketing,utilizi

32、ng a third party service called Phrasee and natural language processing toimprove email open rates by 15.8%and improve clicks by 31.2%.This technology is used to optimize the subject text and headline copyautomatically to find the most effective variation to use with eBays audience.7The AI-generated

33、 portions of the emails are attentive to tone of voice tomaximize their success.Aside from the fact that natural language processing is improving as years go by,AI-based email marketing at its most basic can be automated with a series of A/Btesting.However,the more demographic data and natural langu

34、age processingthat can be incorporated into the project,the better the results.Advancedartificial intelligence algorithms can improve the dynamic optimization of emailmarketing greatly,as seen in eBays case.Future of AI in MarketingUltimately,the future of AIs role in marketing technologies will be

35、determinedby imagination and innovation.Combining different technologies together canresult in businesses outcompeting other leading players in the market for years.At the bare minimum,understanding whats already in use is important forbringing your company up to speed to remain relevant and competi

36、tive in themarket.The first step toward achieving your objectives is to start a conversation.AtMobiDev,our AI engineers have been helping businesses internationally foryears to accomplish their goals.If youre ready to take your business to the nextlevel and start developing your AI app,contact us today.8


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